The Clinic

Dr Sahinoglu has a very modern clinic right at the heart of Istanbul, Atasehir. His clinic is conveniently close to the airport as well as all the landmarks and points of interest.

The Clinic Has The Latest Upgrades To The Equipment For The Best Outcome


Perfect Location

The clinic is located in the Asian side of Istanbul, in downtown Istanbul.


Experienced Staff

Sahinoglu’s clinic provides you with very dedicated staff.


Amazing Hotel

The clinic can book a hotel which is just minutes away.


Transfer From/To Airport

When the patient requests, the clinic can arrange the transfers from and to the airport so that you can only concentrate on your surgery.


Perfect Hygiene Condition

Dr Sahinoglu is proud of the hygiene level of his facilities. High Hygiene standards are something he believes to be vital for the best outcome

Dear Dr Kayihan,

attached some pictures from current status with 8 months. I am very content and happy with the result especially since it looks 100% natural. Donor area also looks good.