Cost Of Hair Transplants In Turkey

Why Should You Have Hair Transplants In Turkey?

90% of men losing their hair state that it is their primary fear to end up bald. Fortunately, recent developments in medical sciences allow patients to get a permanent solution to their hair loss, at a very reasonable price! How much is a hair transplant, that is the question? Lately, the best place to get a hair transplant procedure is Istanbul.

Lately, Turkey has dominated the hair transplant industry with over a billion dollars of market share, according to the Independent newspaper. Moreover, Washington post claimed that each month, Turkey receive over 5,000 patients from abroad for hair transplant.

Unfortunately, current market facts in Turkey indicates that many clinics in Turkey are spending a lot of money on marketing efforts to make you think that they are the right place for you. Furthermore, these marketing activities ensure that when they increase their prices, it is justified.

This is where Hair Guru Agency wants to help patients, if you want to get the best hair transplants for the most reasonable/justified price, we will help you. You don’t have to worry about the big numbers you see online because we will help you find the ones with fewer costs and better outcomes. If you wish to find out how to get the best hair transplants for the cheapest prices, let us explain it to you!

Quality and expertise

FUE, also known as Follicular Unit Extraction, has been the primary choice of surgeons in Turkey. Many Turkish doctors switched to FUE technique a decade ago and have been training and teaching ever since. In fact, many doctors from North America and Europe are visiting their colleagues in Turkey to learn their technique and implement to their surgery style.

Kayihan Sahinoglu has been conducting surgeries with FUE method more than any other surgeons in the world. He is a pioneer in hair transplants with more than 20 years of experience in his profession.

Our confidence in our service comes from the fact that we saw the best results with our surgeon. The consistency, skill, experience, dedication and mastery make our surgeon not only the best doctor in Turkey but also one of the best in the world.

And for many years, Hair Guru Agency has been the glue between the clinic and the patients. Our philosophy is to help the patient from the first time he gets in touch until after many years when all the surgeries are done and the patient is happy. We make sure that people get answers within one hour because we know how stressful it can get for you. We will make sure that we assist you with anything you need for the entire process.

Steps Of A Hair Transplant Procedure

Unlike what most people think, it is very easy to get a free consultation and finally have your perfect hair transplant operation. With just a few steps, we can give you the information you need to plan your surgery.

Unfortunately, not everyone can have hair transplants. To decide if your donor hair is thick enough and your hair/scalp characteristics are suitable for surgery, we need photos from you. We require 2 photos from the front, 2 each from sides, 2 from the top and 2 from the back. Here is the form for a free consultation.

After we receive your photos, we provide you with an initial consultation report from our agency. Meanwhile, we send the file to the surgeon and get his detailed idea about your situation. Eventually, he decides if the patient is suitable for a hair transplant procedure. If not, we explain to you with details on why it is better if you don’t get surgery. If you are fit for surgery, we give you information about not only this operation but what might be necessary in the future and build a strategy uniquely for your case.

Our surgeon is very famous in Europe, therefore his first available date is usually in three months. However, as Hair Guru Agency, we received special dates from the surgeon so can give you date within a month.

We recommend arriving at the city at least a day before the surgery to get settled and relax before the big day. If the patient wishes, we can arrange accommodation and transfer from the airport for you so you can concentrate only on your procedure.

The day of the surgery, you will arrive at the clinic very early for your last consultation with the doctor. He will mark the hair transplant areas and will let you know how many grafts you will need.

After surgery, you will be transported back to your hotel where you can rest. For any questions you have, the surgeon will be available for a call or message.

Two days after surgery, you can safely fly back to your country.

We will be regularly checking you for updates of your surgery and reminding you what happens at each step. For any questions you have, we answer back in one hour.

Before And After Pictures Of Former Patients

Thanks to the amazing patients who volunteered to have their pictures used on our website, you can see many different types of patients and their hair transformation to see what the surgeon can achieve.

The advantage of FUE method is even distribution of hair follicles in the scalp and a very natural look. Our surgeon’s experience in this method ensures that people will not know the difference if they haven’t seen you before your procedure.


Financial Comparison

Anyone who spent some time looking for hair transplant option will know that the rates are different regionally. In North America, if you are willing to get hair transplants, you have to pay at least $15,000 and still, you will have a FUT procedure with that money.

On average, in North America, a $/graft is 8 wherein Turkey, it is $2 per graft. When you compare the prices and results, it is evident that for almost a third of what you pay in North America, you get a better surgery from the doctor himself.

How Much Does Your Service Cost?

Our Services Are For Free! You don’t have to pay anything to us or, to the clinic. We provide you with everything you need for with no extra costs.

We don’t help only the patients who are interested in our doctor, but we help everyone. If you have questions regarding FUE/FUT methods, doctors, city or costs, we provide you with the information you seek. Moreover, we have a free online library which contains all the information about hair transplants.

If you like to get a free consultation from us and the surgeon, we help you with that. We let you know if your hair/scalp characteristics are fit for surgery and build a strategy for your unique case.

80% of the patients complain that the clinic they had hair transplants stopped responding to the emails.

%54 of these patients were ignored by their clinics completely and were left alone in the process.

Post-surgery communication with the clinic essential as recovery stage can be painful and stressful. Therefore, we make sure that the communication between the patient and the clinic remains healthy and fast. We function as the bridge in between.

We arrange your stay at a 4-star hotel, 5 minutes away from the clinic should you wish so.

We have outlined the entire process and know crucial dates for every patient. As soon as you agree to have hair transplants with our surgeon, we start your case.

In every milestone, we get in touch with you and explain to you what happens and what to expect with recommendations. This way, you will never feel alone in your journey.

Cost Of Hair Transplants And Reasons Of Differences

For many different reasons, the cost of hair transplants varies significantly in the world. If we look closely at the situation in Turkey, we can classify these reasons as such;


  • The Number Of Grafts Used
  • Experience And Skill Of The Surgeon
  • Technician Involvement
  • Full, Partial or None Surgeon Involvement
  • Quality Of The Facilities

The calculation is simple, if you multiply the number of grafts you need by the price of each graft, you find how much it costs to get hair transplants.

Total Number of Grafts Required * Price per Graft = Cost of Surgery

The more a surgeon performed surgery, the more experience he has. When you add the skill of the surgeon, it distinguishes many doctors from each other.

In most cases, if the technician performs the surgery, it will cost significantly less. Because of the lack of skill, experience and qualifications, the cost drops significantly at the expense of losing quality.

Some clinics give patients options with the surgery. These clinics customize their service and set prices according to surgeon involvement.

If the surgeon performs surgery personally without any technician involvement, it costs more because the outcome is better.

If the surgeon performs extraction which is considered the most important part of FUE hair transplants and everything else is done by the technicians, it costs a little less.

If the surgeon only supervises surgery, it is the cheapest option with the least quality.

Depending on the equipment and facility quality, prices might vary in some clinics.

Highly Qualified Surgeon

Kayihan Sahinoglu

Kayihan Sahinoglu

Hair Transplant Surgeon

Having 23 years of experience in his area, Sahinoglu is one of the most experienced and skilful doctors in Turkey.

He is a fellow member of ISHRS and ABHRS, one of the only 200 doctors in the world.

He is one of the few surgeons who still perform the entire surgery personally without any technician involvement.

Accommodation – Silence Hotel Istanbul

Silence Hotel Istanbul is located in Atasehir, Istanbul. It takes a couple of minutes to get to the clinic from the hotel.

The hotel has facilities such as a spa, gym, indoor pool, restaurants and bars.

However, if you wish to arrange your accommodation, you can do so and we will make sure to take care of your transportation.

City of Culture, History, Food and Sea

Istanbul is a city where many different civilizations have lived and left marks. There is a profound sense of history and culture in the city, especially the architectures.

The famous Turkish food can be found anywhere in the city with many different options.

Istanbul has a unique nightlife, almost every weekend famous DJs and musicians from all around the world come to the city for shows.


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