Kayihan Sahinoglu

Having 22 years of experience in hair restoration surgery area, Kayihan Sahinoglu is one of the most experienced and skilled doctors in his field. He is a fellow member of ISHRS and ABHRS.

Over 4,000 Suregeries

Kayihan Sahinoglu started performing hair transplant career in 1996. He became very successful with FUT surgery after conducting this type of procedure for years with consistency.

In the 2000s, he saw the developments in his field and was convinced about the success of FUE procedures. As a result, he switched his method and performed over 4,000 surgeries since.

Why Kayihan Sahinoglu?

The vital part of hair transplant journey is finding the ideal surgeon. Once you find the doctor in your price range with the required skills and experience, everything becomes very simple. We believe it is essential to choose your surgeon correctly and plan everything not for the current procedure, but for the next 30 years.

Performs Surgeries Personally

The surgeon conducts surgeries personally, without involvement from any technicians. He has his assistants to help him while he performs the surgery but they don’t take part in the extraction part in any ways. They only assist the surgeon to increase the quality of the procedure both for the patient and him.

Fellow Member of ISHRS And ABHRS

American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery are two organizations in the hair transplant industry which exist to regulate the high standards. Dr Sahinoglu is a fellow member of ISHRS which requires a lot of contribution consistently every year and there are only 200 fellow members worldwide.

Expert In Both Hairline Fix and Norwood 6 cases

Many surgeons choose to specialize in either the hairline fix cases (Norwood 1-4) or very advanced cases (Norwood 5-7). Dr Sahinoglu is an expert in both cases no matter what the Norwood Level of the patient, he builds a strategy with the patient. This way, with this effective roadmap, the patient is prepared for different scenerios

Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional & Ethic Approach to Hair Transplants

Norwood Level 5

White Hairline Fix

Norwood Level 5 – Grey Hair

Norwood Level 3-4 -Conservative Hairline

Norwood Level 5

Norwood Level 4 – Hairline Fix

Hope Mr Weber has forwarded you my review over your excellent treatment on 18.03.2017 (hair transplantation) – was one of the best decisions I ever did…..The result is unbelievable!!!!!

Micheal R.


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