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Hair Transplant Cost Turkey

Hair transplants became very popular in Turkey in the last years due to the excellent work its surgeons achieved and competitive prices compared to the other countries like the US, UK and Canada. Combining with a memorable visit to beautiful Turkey, more patients are arriving at Istanbul and Ankara each year.

Hair Transplant Cost UK

Hair transplant costs in the UK are expensive, and finding the cheap options is advantageous. Or, is it? Prioritizing the financial aspect of hair transplants is a very common mistake. A patient should first decide which surgeon or clinic he is going to commit himself. After choosing the clinic, even if you can’t afford it, you know what you are looking for. After that, you only need to find options cheaper but similar to the one you have just found.

Hair Transplant Timeline

Hair transplant timeline provides you with every crucial detail you need to know at the beginning of your hair transplant journey. This journey begins with you considering about getting hair transplants, and continues until after a year. Even after that, your lifestyle has an impact on the outcome. Therefore, knowing the hair transplant timeline well is crucial for the success of your journey.

Hair Transplant Success Rate

%98 of hair transplant surgeries are successful while on average %95 of the hair follicles transplanted will be planted permanently. However, the trick is finding a skilful and experienced surgeon who can deliver the most natural and dense look. The better the extraction, the better the outcome, therefore we strongly suggest choosing your surgeon carefully.

Importance of the Extraction – FUE

Follicular Unit Extraction is a different procedure than the FUT. The surgeon extracts each hair follicle one by one, gradually. Therefore, the quality of the hair transplants increases significantly because when hair follicles are harvested this way, the doctor can create a more natural look because of the increased freedom he has.

Alternative Hair Restoration Methods: Finasteride

Finasteride is one of the most popular ways to deal with hair loss. As an alternative method to restore hair, Finasteride aims to prevent hair loss. The patient needs to build a careful strategy. Also, there is a side-effect: Losing the sexual appetite. Although not very common, many people suffer from the effect and decide not to use the drug.