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Follicular Unit Extraction

Compared to the FUT technique, Follicular Unit Extraction has many advantages. Because the extraction of hair follicles are done randomly and one by one, the patient has no linear scar left on the back of the head. Moreover, if the patient wants to get a hairline fix surgery, FUE is proven to achieve a more natural look.

Best Hair Restoration Method

There is no best hair restoration method because each technique, FUE and FUT, have pros and cons. Extensive research needs to be done for each before a patient can make a decision. Therefore, it is essential to have enough knowledge of the both before making a decision to maximize the outcome of your case.

Current Market Facts

Hair Transplant Cost is different for every country and clinic. However, one thing is the same; you will determine the price. A common mistake is prioritizing the financial aspect of the surgery. In most cases, this mistake increases the chances of failure significantly and a common complaining reason for the patients.